China Chengtong organized state-owned capital operation company advanced leadership training course

The Group’s Headquarters 2018/1/10 21:39:30

From January 6-8, the Group held a three-day advanced leadership training course targeting at state-owned capital operation company. This tailor-made advanced training course, organized by Shanghai Institute of International Finance with joint efforts from the Institute of International Finance and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, aims at improving the Group’s overall capital operation skills and internationalized investment and financing competence, promoting state-owned capital operation company to become stronger, do better, and grow bigger, in order to effectively enhance the rational flow and optimized allocation of state-owned capital.


The training was presided over by the Group’s Vice President Xiang Hong. Over 130 people attended the training, including the Group’s President Zhu Bixin, Deputy Party Secretary Shan Zhongli, General Accountant Xu Zhen, Vice Presidents Li Yousheng and Tong Laiming, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Xianghong, senior managers and those with higher ranks from the Group’s headquarters, and high level managers from the Group’s invested enterprises.


The whole training consists of two modules, namely ‘strategy and guidance in state-owned capital operation’ and ‘functional positioning, core competence and risk control of state-owned capital operation company’. The first module was delivered by Lu Hongjun, the President of the Shanghai Institute of International Finance, and Li Bing, the Director of the Capital Bureau of the SASAC. And the second module was taught by Professor Haluk Unal from the Wharton School.


The training provides a comprehensive introduction to state-owned capital operation company’s functional positioning, opportunities and challenges facing the company, and professional skills and tools the company needs to possess from the angle of state-owned capital operation and guidance in the new era, the exploration and reform of state-owned capital investment and operation, the international capital market, investment and M & A, asset management, and private equity funds. This training helps enhance the Group’s understanding of the strategic positioning of the state-owned capital operation company, the international financial market and financial tools, and achieves its desired outcome.


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