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China Chengtong Directors visited enterprises in Shanghai and attended CIIE

Office of the Board of Directors     2018-11-07         

On November 5, the Group’s Secretary of Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu and outside directors Zhou Qinye, Meng Weilin, Jiang Shangjun and Zhao Shuxian visited Shanghai Air Freight Department of CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited. The central state-owned enterprises’ (SOEs) full-time outside director Zhang Peng, the Group’s Vice President Tong Laiming, and Secretary of the Board of Directors Miao Qinghua joined the visit.



The Group’s directors visited the Shanghai Air Freight Department of CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited located at the First Customs Supervised Warehouse at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and had a detailed learning of its warehouse management, cargo operation at import and export warehouses, safe production management and information construction. In the forum held afterwards, Ma Zhengwu and the team was briefed by CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited’s President and Deputy Party Secretary Chen Yu on the company’s adjusting and optimising of its management structure, reviewing and clarification of its strategic direction, measures in coping with external market changes, adherence to the ‘two-wheel drive’ principle that is innovation in science and technology and innovation in system, and promotion of the company’s internal and external development since its transfer of shares to China Chengtong. The company’s Party Secretary and Vice President Sun Jin reported on its Party building work since 2017 and key work plan in the next stage.


Ma Zhengwu spoke highly of CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited’s reform from three aspects. First, as the first case of controlling shares transfer of listed companies between central SOEs, CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited’s handover to China Chengtong was smooth, and the company has witnessed a fast development and harmonious integration. Second, with a strong sense of crisis, market, responsibility and innovation, the company has actively promoted organisational reform and business innovation, and effectively enhanced the role of Party building work in serving enterprise’s key tasks. The company’s team is in good shape and outstanding performance has been achieved through adjustment and effective management. Third, in the current severe and complex external market environment, the company’s operation quality and efficiency are constantly improving and that has been approved by its remarkable performance.

In view of the next stage work, Ma Zhengwu put forward four requirements for CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited: first, the company should pay attention to the development trend of the industry and the changes of relationship between market competition and cooperation, and strengthen its ability in analysing data about the international air and ocean freight markets in order to calculate the trend of the global trade situation to facilitate its plan for next year’s work, to seize opportunities and to prepare for challenges. Second, the company should strengthen its cooperation with other enterprises invested by the Group to integrate and utilise various resources, so as to develop business and improve quality. Third, the company needs to gain energy from reform. By means of mixed-ownership reform and employee stock ownership, it can further release the internal vitality of the company and accelerate the transformation and upgrading. Fourth, the company’s Party building work should be integrated into enterprise development. The company should pay attention to the actual effect of grass-roots organisation construction and Party building work to make them adaptable to the needs of enterprise development. The company should innovate its Party building work methods, and play grass-roots Party organizations’ model role in key projects, risk control, profit creation and effectiveness generation.

After the forum, Ma Zhengwu and directors visited China Chengtong Oriental Asset Management Co., Ltd. (Chengtong Oriental). They were briefed by Chengtong Oriental’s Party Secretary and President Guan Wu about the company’s work and the operation of Chengtong Oriental Mixed-ownership Reform Investment Fund (the Fund). The delegation highly affirmed Chengtong Oriental’s commitment to implementing the Group’s strategy and undertaking the task of completing asset management by establishing the Fund. They required that the Fund should serve the diversified reform of enterprises invested by the Group and the mixed-ownership reform and structural adjustment of Shanghai SOEs.

The Group’s directors also attended the first China International Import Expo during their visit. The Group’s Office of Board of Directors and General Management Department participated in related activities.


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