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Zhu Bixin met with Henan Investment Party Secretary, Chairman and President

Office of the President     2018-09-29         

On September 28, the Group’s President Zhu Bixin met with Liu Xinyong, the Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and President of Henan Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Henan Investment). The two sides held in-depth discussion on carrying out state-owned capital operation and industrial collaboration. Huang Xin, China Paper Investment Corporation Ltd.’s (China Paper) Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman, and Cheng Dongmei, the Chairman of Henan Assets Management Co., Ltd. (Henan Assets Management) attended the meeting.

Zhu Bixin extended his welcome to Liu Xinyong and the delegation. He introduced China Chengtong’s history of development and its pilot reform as a pilot unit for state-owned capital operation. In addition, Zhu Bixin also introduced China Chengtong’s four platforms, which are fund investment, equity management, asset management and financial services. He said that as Henan’s provincial state-owned capital operating company, Henan Investment has obtained remarkable reform and development achievements and made tremendous contributions to the reform and development of Henan’s state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and state-owned capital. China Chengtong and Henan Investment have distinctive advantages in the field of state-owned capital operation and there is extensive room for cooperation between the two companies in capital operation, fund investment, logistics, pulp paper and comprehensive health. Zhu Bixin hoped that China Chengtong and Hennan Investment could give full play to their complementary advantages, make coordinated progress and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Liu Xinyong introduced the reform and development of Henan Investment, especially its three major functions in investment guarantee for infrastructure projects, cultivation and guidance of strategic emerging industries and leading and leveraging social investment. He said that China Chengtong as a state-owned capital operating company has made remarkable achievements, which is worth learning from by other enterprises. It is hoped that the two companies could strengthen cooperation in capital operation, logistics, pulp paper and comprehensive health, in order to make the state-owned capital become stronger, do better, and grow bigger.

Relevant personnel from the Group’s Department of Strategic Management, Office of the President, China Paper, Henan Investment’s Strategic Department, Henan Assets Management and Dahe Paper attended the meeting.

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