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Ma Zhengwu attended the 5th Meeting of the Sino-Russian Investment Cooperation Committee

Office of the Board of Directors     2018-09-21         

From September 17 to 18, the Group’s Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee Ma Zhengwu went to Russia to attend the 5th Meeting of the Sino-Russian Investment Cooperation Committee, and also visited Greenwood International Trade Center (Greenwood).

On the morning of September 18, the 5th Meeting of the Sino-Russian Investment Cooperation Committee was held in Moscow. The meeting was jointly presided over by Han Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Prime Minister of the State Council, and Anton Siluanov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. Ma Zhengwu attended the meeting and delivered a report.


Ma Zhengwu made a report on projects invested by China Chengtong’s enterprises in Russia. Ma Zhengwu said that China Chengtong attaches great importance to its investment in Russia. In the past two decades, the Moscow-based Greenwood International Trade Center and the China Friendship Mall have played an important role in promoting the development of Sino-Russian economic and trade relations. China Chengtong will continue to increase its investment and expand the market in Russia in order to play a greater role.


On the afternoon of September 18, Ma Zhengwu visited the Greenwood International Trade Center and listened to the work report of Chengtong International’s managing team. Ma Zhengwu pointed out that as the Group’s important overseas asset platform, Greenwood’s brand awareness and reputation have been greatly raised, and its platform role has been constantly improved. In the meantime, the capacity of the Greenwood’s managing team has been strengthened, and the quality of the Party building work upgraded. Ma Zhengwu put forward three requirements for Greenwood’s next-stage work: first, Greenwood should adhere to the Party’s overall leadership, strengthen the Party building and team building, actively explore and practice the new mode of the Party building work in foreign countries under the new situation. Greenwood should plan the Party building and reform and development at the same time, and have the Party building and enterprise management deeply integrated. Greenwood should also strengthen its core team building and realise the localisation of employees in order to enhance the ability of managing assets and business operation; second, Greenwood should focus on efficiency and reform. Greenwood should speed up benefit-oriented reform of internal mechanism to stimulate enterprise vitality; third, Greenwood should pay attention to standardisation and risk control. Greenwood should do a good job in compliance with regulations, improve safety awareness, enhance the anti-risk ability, and ensure the safety of overseas state-owned assets. Ma Zhengwu stressed that the development strategy of Chengtong International should be in line with of the Group’s position as a state-owned capital operating company. Greenwood should strengthen the agglomeration effects and policy research, build up confidence and create an even brighter future.

During Ma Zhengwu’s time in Russia, he paid an official call to Fan Xianrong, the Minister of Chinese Embassy in Russia. Ma Zhengwu expressed his gratitude to Chinese Embassy in Russia for its support over China Chengtong and China Chengtong’s Russia-based enterprises. Fan Xianrong spoke highly of the unique role played by Greenwood in terms of promoting Sino-Russia economic and trade cooperation and the construction of the Belt & Road. Greenwood has earned the respect and trust from both the Russian government and the Chinese embassy. Fan Xianrong hoped that China Chengtong could continue to give play to its function in advancing the Sino-Russia economic and trade cooperation, and promoting the friendship between the peoples of the two countries and their cultural exchanges.


Ma Zhengwu also attended the Greenwood’s 7th Anniversary Concert. Zhao Qiuyan, Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, and Cannavarova, the first vice mayor of Krasnogorskiy City of the Moscow State, attended the event.

Chengtong International’s General Manager Zhou Liqun, the Party Secretary Sun Bohui and other relevant personnel participated in the above activities.

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