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Ma Zhengwu attended ‘Sustainable Development of China Paper in the New Era Forum’ and delivered speech

China Paper     2018-09-17         

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of China Paper Investment Co., Ltd. (China Paper), on September 16 China Paper held the ‘Sustainable Development of China Paper in the New Era Forum’ in Beijing Conference Center.

China Chengtong’s Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman Ma Zhengwu attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech. China Chengtong’s Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Shan Zhongli, General Accountant Xu Zhen, Vice President Zhu Yue, and General Counsel Tang Guoliang also participated in the forum. This forum was attended by more than 300 guests from over 180 institutions across government departments, trade associations, investment institutions, research institutes, customer enterprises and institutions of higher education.


In Ma Zhengwu’s speech, he congratulated to China Paper on the successful holding of this forum and expressed his thanks to all parties who have provided strong support over China Paper’s development. He pointed out that the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China fully opened the process of reform and opening up in China, and the most amazing development miracle has been witnessed in the past four decades. At this time, the commemoration of the fortieth anniversary of the reform and opening-up will certainly gather a strong consensus on deepening reform and strengthen the voice of reform in the new era. Ma Zhengwu stressed that there was no end to reform. As a state-owned capital operating company, China Chengtong is itself a comprehensive experimental field of reform. China Chengtong would further encourage its invested enterprises to think outside the box and take the initiative to reform.


  Ma Zhengwu addressed the forum

Ma Zhengwu underlined that the 30-years practice of China Paper told us that it was reform that has promoted the development, and only by insisting on continuous reform would there be a better and more brilliant future. Ma Zhengwu pointed out that standing at a new historical starting point, China Paper should plan for its future from a higher perspective and a longer-term perspective aiming to achieve sustainable development. Firstly, China Paper must unswervingly strengthen the Party building work and promote development; secondly, China Paper must unswervingly stick to reform and seek innovation; thirdly, China Paper must unswervingly improve the system and mechanism to increase vitality; last but not least, China Paper must unswervingly focus on quality and build up a strong brand image.

At the forum, the ‘Joint Action for Sustainable Development’ initiated by China Paper was well received by government departments, industry experts and participating enterprises. Several core enterprises of the industry expressed their willingness to participate in the joint action. China Chengtong, China Paper, China Circular Economy Association, China Paper Association, Asia Symbol, UPM, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, CITIC Securities, and China Construction Bank jointly signed the declaration, which formally launched the ‘China Paper Sustainable Development Joint Action’.

Huang Xin, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of China Paper, delivered a speech at the forum. Zhang Qiang, general manager of China Paper, presided over some meetings of the forum and delivered a closing speech. At the forum, Jia Kang, a famous economist, made a thorough analysis on the retrospect and prospect of the reform and opening up and the current macroeconomic situation in China. Jin Xu, former Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Britain, analysed the ‘going global and internationalisation’ and explained in detail the ‘Belt & Road Initiative’; the Deputy Secretary General and spokesman of the China Light Industry Council Guo Yong delivered a thoughtful speech on the current economic situation and the new policies on the paper industry. In addition, a number of experts and scholars interpreted the ecological construction and new policy on environmental protection, exchanged views on the new economy and the global market, and analysed the current situation of the real economy and capital market, and publishing and printing industry. The ‘Focus on Industrial Ecology & Interpretation of Win-Win Cooperation’ dialogue pushed the forum to a new high.

More than 30 news media outlets including People’s Network, Xinhua News Agency, Phoenix New Media and China Business News covered the event.


  Zhu Bixin delivered the speech

On September 15, the day before the forum, China Paper held a gala entitled ‘Thank you for your company’ to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of China Paper. China Chengtong’s President Zhu Bixin attended the event and delivered a speech. The staff of China Paper headquarters and its subsidiaries from Huaxin Packing, Guangdong Guanhao High-Tech Co. Ltd., Yueyang Forest & Paper Co. Ltd., MCC Meili Cloud Computing Industry Investment Co. Ltd., and MCC Paper Yinhe Co. Ltd. performed wonderful shows.


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