◆Business Overview

Chengtong Group is the only central enterprise that is sanctioned by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council to have paper production and exploitation as a main business. Our total output reaches 2.4 million tons, and commercial pulp capacity is 400, 000 tons. We own near 2 million mu forest lands. The total assets are 28 billion Yuan. The revenue per year is 20 billion Yuan. Our products ranks 1st in cigarette board market, 1st in thermo-sensitive paper market, 2nd in no carbon required (NCR) paper market, and 1st in stationery paper market in China. We are also important producer of body paper for liquid packaging nationwide.

With the paper pulp as a core and forest paper as a basic point, our group carries forward the integrity strategy of forestry-pulp paper industry, improve the industry chain, and dedicate ourselves to be a leading, green and environmental friendly, internationalized paper enterprise, providing products and services of supreme quality, and fully repaying our shareholders.

◆Main Products

▲Packaging Paper

Coated White Board. We produce high quality coated cigarette board, coated white board for food packaging, aseptic paper for liquid packaging etc.

▲ Specialty Paper

NCR. Carbonless paper are categorized in two series, namely non-special NCR and special NCR, the latter of which includes a series of products such as bi-color false proof, false proof fiber, thermal false proof, false proof bead, multi-coloration, bi-coloration, watermark false proof, etc.

Thermal-sensitive Paper. This series of products include the fax oriented, the counter oriented, the printing oriented, the long lasting and the special types. To note, we own the intellectual property of the water-proofing, grease-proofing and solvent-proofing thermal-sensitive paper, the supreme quality of which is proved in its wide utilization in China Sports Lotto, China Welfare Lotto, civil aviation boarding cards, railway tickets, etc. The project of water-proofing, grease-proofing and solvent-proofing thermal-sensitive paper is listed as "State Torch Plan Project" by Torch Hi-tech Industry Development Center of Ministry of Science and Technology.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive materials. These products are widely utilized in logistic, medicine, articles of everyday use, food and wine industries. We have developed a series of products with internationally leading quality, such as the copperplate (printing) paper materials, the thermal-sensitive materials, the filmed materials and other kinds of materials (e.g. Glassine release paper, transparent PET release substrate and other release substrates)

▲Stationery Paper

Environmental friendly duplicating paper, environmental friendly offset paper, and environmental friendly book papers. With 70-80% secondary fiber in its raw materials, our products are just green and environmental friendly. The most advanced MSP inner coating technology ensures a stable high quality in the printing operating and effects.

Feather-weight coated paper is with supreme qualities in smoothness, bulk and luster. Widely used in top grade magazines, advertisement illustrations, arts and commodity lists, it is non-bleed-through and with best printing qualities in color and image.

Pigment finishing offset paper. It has an excellent quality in whiteness, opacity, tensile strength, and surface strength. No linting, no dusting, and no fluffing. With its high quality in printing effect, it can replace imported news paper in large-scale, high-speed, two-sided, multicolor printing.

Chemical Wood Pulp. It includes non-chlorine decolorized needle wood pulp, non-chlorine decolorized broad-leaved wood pulp and original wood pulp.

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